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Getting Started With Web Design – What is Web Design, and What Skills Do You Need?

This is a guide for anyone who wants to take the first, small steps to becoming a web designer. Before we get into how you can go about learning to design web pages, it’s worth explaining what a web designer does:o A web designer controls the creative design of web pages, usually working with a client who will specify the unique needs and functionality for their site. The goal of any website designer is to create unique and intelligent design based on the client’s requirements.Pretty simple, right? Web design at its most basic works in exactly the same way as any other type of design work. A web designer is an incredibly important part of the process of creating a website. No matter how good the programming or content of a site, if it hasn’t been designed properly it can very easily lose any potential traffic.

What makes a designer? Web designers come from all sorts of backgrounds and career areas. Many of them have transferred their skills in print and graphic design onto the internet, but many more have started from scratch. So what exactly makes a good designer?Unlike many modern jobs, designers often don’t study for degrees of qualifications. In many cases, employers are more interested in experience and talent than in how long you’ve been in education.However, there are a set of basic skills you’ll need to have in order to compete in a crowded market:o HTML and XHTML skills are crucial in understanding the basics of how web pages work. XHTML is the fundamental web ‘language’ that makes up a large part of every website you see around you. CSS is also a vital skill as you can use it to easily control how web pages look.o Equally if not more important is a skill in creating graphics and digital art. Just being able to draw on piece of paper doesn’t instantly give you all the skills you require to transfer that work to a digital format. You’ll need to be able to use digital editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.o Technical skills are important, but without the ability to market yourself, you’ll never reach your full potential as a designer. Understanding the world of marketing can not only help you make people aware of your own personal brand, but will also help you as a designer? The more you know about how different designs and styles can influence customers, the more efficiently you can design a site.

o Finally, you’ll need all the skills that any freelancer needs: A high level of customer service, a special amount of attention paid to your reputation and the ability to manage your time and your client’s time as effectively as possible.It might sound daunting, but if you’ve got the time to learn and the patience to develop your skills, becoming a web designer is not as hard as it sounds. The world of web design isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but if you put your eager to learn, willing to ask for advice and are open to new ideas, it can become a rewarding and profitable career.